Generic plugin wrappers

The purpose of wai.annotations.generic module is to make it easier to integrate custom operators quickly into wai.annotations.

By providing generic wrappers for sources, ISPs and sinks, you only need to implement a class that is derived from the correct wai.annotations superclass(es), add it to the PYTHONPATH and supplying class name and options to the appropriate generic wrapper plugin.

The following example wraps a test source class and a test ISP class and makes them available from the command-line as follows:

wai-annotations convert \
  generic-source-ic \
    -c wai.annotations.generic.source.image_classification.test.TestIC \
    -o "--dir /some/where/" \  # dir with .jpg files
  generic-sink-ic \
    -c wai.annotations.generic.sink.image_classification.test.TestIC \
    -o "--output label"