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Format conversions


Also adds additional logging information and removes annotations smaller than 5 pixels in either dimension.

wai-annotations convert -v \
    from-adams-od \
      -i "input/*.report" \
    dimension-discarder \
      --min-width 5 \
      --min-height 5 \
    to-coco-od \
      -o output/annotations.json \
      --license-name "CC-BY-SA 4.0"

Monolithic Tensorflow records to sharded ones#

Here we are converting a monolithic TFRecords file into a sharded one (-s 5 - five shards) and only using a subset of labels (-l label2,label4,label6):

wai-annotations convert \
    from-tfrecords-od \
      -i input/objects.records \
    filter-labels \
      -l label2,label4,label6 \
    to-tf-od \
      -o output/subset.records \
      -s 5 \
      -p labels.pbtxt

ADAMS to Tensorflow records (masks)#

The ADAMS input directory contains sub-directories, so we use the "input/**/*.report" glob syntax to find all .report files recursively. The data gets split into train/test with a 80/20 ratio. Supplying split names will automatically insert these names into the output file, i.e., output/data.tfrecords will get turned into output/train/data.tfrecords and output/test/data.tfrecords. No path gets supplied to the file containing the labels (labels.txt), it will get placed into the correct output directory automatically:

wai-annotations convert \
    from-adams-od \
      -i "input/**/*.report" \
    coerce-mask \
    to-tf-od \
      -o output/data.tfrecords \
      -p labels.txt \
      --split-names train test \
      --split-ratios 80 20

ADAMS individual layer image segmentation to blue channel JPGs#

ADAMS supports the individual layers format for image segmentation format, where for each JPG image a PNG with the same file name plus the label suffix is present (e.g.g: 1.jpg -> 1-car.png and 1-person.png). In this case, we only want to include the car annotations in the output. The output gets split into train/val with a ratio of 80/20:

wai-annotations convert \
    from-layer-segments-is \
      -i "input/**/*.png" \
      --labels car \
    to-indexed-png-is \
      -o output \
      --split-names train val \
      --split-ratios 80 20


Annotations in VOC format can be converted into MS-COCO ones as follows:

wai-annotations convert \
    from-adams-od \
      -i "input/**/*.xml" \
    to-coco-od \
      -o output/annotations.json