wai.annotations release 0.5.4

A new release of wai.annotations is out now: 0.5.4

The introduction of image segmentation required more refactoring behind the scenes, which resulted in the 0.5.x release series.

Highlights since the 0.4.0 release:

  • MS COCO format can specify now labels to expect (in case subsets of the dataset do not have all labels present)

  • MS COCO format can now sort the determined labels to avoid ordering issues

  • MS COCO can write the discovered labels to a text file (comma-separated list)

  • Readers/writers no longer assume disk access

  • Macro support for simple command-line substitution

  • New image classification formats: subdir (used by Tensorflow image classification) and ADAMS (label of image present in report)

  • MS COCO/ROI/VGG object detection formats no longer write negative annotations

  • With the strip-annotations plugin, all annotations can be stripped during the conversion (e.g., for generating a dataset only consisting of images)

  • Image segmentation support: PNG with indexed palette for labels, PNG using blue channel for labels, layer-segments format which separates each label into a separate PNG (makes it easier to create subsets of labels)