wai.annotations release 0.8.0

A new release of wai.annotations is out now: 0.8.0

This release contains two major updates:

  • wai.annotations.coqui module added for processing Coqui AI STT and TTS datasets

  • a bug-fix that applies to the dataset splitting (--split-names/--split-ratios) breaks backwards compatibility; the new --no-interleaving flag enables the old behavior again

Here is a detailed overview of all the changes since the 0.7.8 release:

  • wai.annotations.tf is now optional

  • install.sh now has -o flag to install optional modules when installing latest (-l)

  • Upgraded wai.annotations.commonvoice to 1.0.2

    • the expected header now uses accents rather than accent (but the reader accepts both)

  • Upgraded wai.annotations.core to 0.2.0

    • FilterLabels ISP now treats elements as negative ones if no labels left after filtering (in order to use discard-negatives in pipeline); also works on image classification domain now as well

    • FilterLabels ISP can filter out located objects that don't fall within a certain region (x,y,w,h - normalized or absolute) using a supplied IoU threshold; useful when concentrating on annotations in the center of an image, e.g., for images generated with the subimages ISP (object detection domain only)

    • logging._LoggingEnabled module now sets the numba logging level to WARNING

    • logging._LoggingEnabled module now sets the shapely logging level to WARNING

    • core.domain.Data class now stores the path of the file as well

    • Rename ISP allows renaming of files, e.g., for disambiguating across batches

    • batch_split.Splitter now handles cases when the regexp does not produce any matches (and outputs a warning when in verbose mode)

    • Added LabelPresent ISP, which skips object detection images that do not have specified labels (or if annotations do not overlap with defined regions; can be inverted).

    • Using wai.common==0.0.40 now to avoid parse error output when accessing poly_x/poly_y meta-data in LocatedObject instances when containing empty strings.

    • The CleanTranscript ISP can be used to clean up speech transcripts.

    • Bug fix for splitting where split-scheduling was calculated with swapped iteration order, leading to runs of splits rather than desired interleaving. Added --no-interleave flag to re-enable bug for backwards compatibility.

  • Upgraded wai.annotations.imgaug to 1.0.6

    • sub-images plugin now has a --verbose flag; only initializes the regions now once

  • Upgraded wai.annotations.layersegments to 1.0.2

    • FromLayerSegments class now outputs logging message if setting of new annotation indices fails, as error occurs before the wai.annotations - Sourced ... logging message, making it possible to track the image causing the problem.

    • Added --lenient flag to FromLayerSegments class which allows conversion of non-binary images with just two unique colors to binary ones instead of throwing an error.

    • Added --invert flag to FromLayerSegments class which allows inverting the colors (b/w <-> w/b) of the binary annotation images.

  • Upgraded wai.annotations.video to 1.0.2

    • VideoFileReader source now passes on a file path with the frames as well

  • Upgraded wai.annotations.yolo to 1.0.1

    • the read_labels_file method of FromYOLOOD now strips leading/trailing whitespaces from the labels.

  • Added wai.annotations.coqui 1.0.0

    • from-coqui-stt-sp: reads speech transcriptions in the Coqui STT CSV-format

    • from-coqui-tts-sp: reads speech transcriptions in the Coqui TTS text-format

    • to-coqui-stt-sp: writes speech transcriptions in the Coqui STT CSV-format

    • to-coqui-tts-sp: writes speech transcriptions in the Coqui TTS text-format