wai.annotations modularized

A new release of wai.annotations is out: 0.7.1

The 0.7.x series saw a modularization happening behind the scenes, with each file format now being a separate repository and Python package. This makes it much easier to only include the relevant dependencies in ones virtual environment or docker image, keeping things as small as possible.

Docker-Compose for Backend

To further simplify the installation process, a docker-compose script has been compiled. This script now combines the Docker steps for setting up the PostgreSQL database, Redis and the actual backend.

Check out the updated Getting started page.

HTML Frontend for image classification

An experimental user interface for image classification is now available:


The interface is written in React and allows the user to incrementally improve their models until they are happy with the performance (human in the loop).

You can find out how to access this interface on the Getting started page.

Docker for backend

In order to simplify the steps necessary to set up the backend, Docker images for the PostgreSQL database, the Redis server and the actual backend have been created. These images get rebuilt every night to always have the latest code-base available, making it easy to stay up-to-date.

Head over to the Getting started page and have a look.